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Property Management

EAGLE ESTATE is a pioneer in Property Management in the Jordanian market place, leasing and managing just under200 residential & commercial properties. Our enthusiasm and dedication to Property Management allows us to service clients above and beyond expectations. We do deliver on time


At EAGLE ESTATE we are focused on making life as easy as possible for the property Owner. We remove the hassles and issues of renting out a property. We firmly believe that a property should not be treated as a ‘source of rent’, but as a valuable and appreciating capital asset. Irrespective of the location, size or style of your property,EAGLE ESTATE shall be able to secure the most suitable tenant and manage your investment whether it’s a house, villa, or apartment across Amman.


When managing your property, we deliver the following services:

  • Pay all bills while vacant (electricity, water, telephone and government tax)
  • Marketing you property while vacant (website, listing, newspapers… etc)
  • Monthly cleaning & inspection visits to your property while vacant
  • Escort potential tenants to the property
  • Prepare & sign lease contracts on the owner’s behalf
  • Supply property with any necessary items needed (cutleries, appliances, furniture, A/C units…etc)
  • Collect the rent in advance and deposit to owner’s desired bank account
  • A full maintenance staff dedicated to any repairs required before & during rental period
  • One phone call away from any emergencies 24 hours a day
  • Deliver notices to tenants 1 month prior to contract expiration
  • Inspection visits to property on the Same Day as tenant’s departure
  • Receiving keys from Tenants
  • Cleaning and preparing property for marketing and re-leasing

We constantly get feedback from our clients that they have peace of mind with our team managing their properties. We also ensure that our Property Managers understand the specific needs of our investors and what their expectations are on service.



Our goal is to increase your property’s market value, lease it out, without hassles, and collecting the rent on time. Our professional and qualified and dedicated staff have multitude of skills that include client relations, management operations, property marketing and creating problem solving. We work diligently to provide excellence in all our professional endeavors and we have earned a reputation for our integrity, initiative and results-driven work ethics



With EAGLE ESTATE Property Management you can always be assured that you're in safe hands!


For any further information please contact us: info@eagleestate.net
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